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Collaboration with Artagent

Who does Artagent work with?


Lectures and counselling

Are you a professional actor? Do you feel like you don’t have enough information about the market in the Czech Republic?

Do you need help with a contract? Do you need help with your showreel? Do you want to achieve more?

If you are looking for individual counselling, please contact Artagent by email. The price of counselling is 1000 CZK/1 hour.

If you are new in contracts and self-promotion, we would like to recommend you our basic lecture called What Every Actor Should Know.

What is Artagent’s role in the ARTISTS’ PROJECTS?

How does Artagent contribute to smooth cooperation with CASTING AGENCIES AND PRODUCTION COMPANIES?

What is Artagent and how did it start?

Artagent is a project of Lenka Dankova, a manager. 

“The idea to become an art agent came to my mind in 2011, as I had been providing assistance to a couple of my artist friends (Petr Buchta, Eva Josefikova) for some time already. On maternity leave, I decided to launch a small start-up focusing on quality artist representation. Interestingly, the news spread quickly among other people I knew, and soon I was fully booked. So, Artagent is a name that covers my management services, the portfolio of actors I represent, and a platform that allows me to share practical information with actors and boost their career growth.”

My goals and visions.

I work hard to raise the quality and reputation of agency representation of artists in the Czech Republic to meet international standards. I want to provide an excellent comprehensive service to my actors and help them build up and boost their careers to achieve their dreams. At the same time, I am trying to push forward the idea that an art agent can be of great help not only to actors, but also to televisions companies and casting, production or advertisement agencies that used to be sceptical about art agents. However, I would like you to bear in mind that I am not a casting agency.  My key values are mutual trust, good relations, quick communication, and fairness. I keep my word and I put my heart in my work.

My goal is also to improve actors’ practical information. Almost every day, I see people who are excellent artists but struggle with things such as contracts, job conditions, financial literacy, fee policy, and self-promotion.

I want actors to become equal and informed partners of production companies.  By raising their awareness, of their rights, options, and obligations, I can help them to make a difference and raise work standards in the field in the future.

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