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Are you looking for career advice? Are you a professional actor? An acting student? An amateur who loves acting and wants to go further? A parent of a child who has appeared on screen? Do you want to know more about their job conditions?

Do you want to start acting before a camera? Do you need help with your contract? Are you uncertain whether your pay is good enough? Are you looking for feedback? Do you need help with picking pictures for your presentation? Are you confused because your colleagues give you conflicting answers as to what normal conditions look like? Do you need casting agencies to know about you? Do you want to know what to watch out for?

Feel free to make an appointment with us: we will perform an analysis, identify your weaknesses, and find solutions.

We can meet for a single session to discuss your opportunities and further options. We can also agree on comprehensive coaching (3 sessions within 1 year) to ensure long-term progress in your career.

You will learn how to understand contracts, where to register, how to make a portfolio, what your options for further education are, how to find job, how to make a headshot and a showreel, how to build your brand, and other tips. (We will of course focus on your particular situation and the things you want to know.)

Single counselling session (1-2 hours, 2500 CZK/1 hour)

What happens during a single counselling session with analysis? 

You order a session by e-mail and add all the relevant details about yourself, including photos and videos (if you have any). If there is a particular issue you need to talk about or if you have a contract to check, please send me all the available materials.

We draft a preliminary analysis based on the information you have sent us, and within 2 weeks we make an appointment. If you need help with an urgent issue, we can arrange an immediate phone or Skype/Messenger call. 

During the session, you will get the results of the preliminary remote analysis. We will look in detail on your weaknesses and issues you want to focus on. The problem often lies somewhere else than you might think. Together, we will work on further analysis.

We will then set up a plan for you to move forward.

If you need to check your contract, we will show you how to understand it, how to interpret it, and how to promote your interests. We will make sure you are well equipped to handle it by yourself next time.

The initial session can also be a starting point for long-term coaching.

You can book it here: https://agentura-artagent-s-r-o.reservio.com

Long-term coaching

Do you prefer longer guidance; do you have thousands of questions; do you wish to progress in a systematic way and get regular feedback? We cannot do that within a single session. Such things need more time. You will need to be determined and to work hard. I will help you push your career forward as part of a comprehensive package that includes:

What can you expect?

What should you not expect?

What do you say? Are you still in? Do you feel like working hard on yourself? Will you join me? Feel free to fill in the form—and I will look forward to meeting an interesting person and to seeing your progress.

5-hour lecture—What Every Actor Should Know

If you are new to management skills, we recommend the basic lecture to you. The lectures do not take place regularly.

Please follow our Facebook page to stay informed: https://www.facebook.com/prednaskaproherce/

Counselling for actors—options and prices:

Are you interested in news about actors? Do you want us to send you an event calendar?